Paleo on the Go: Review, Cost, Options, and More (2024)

Paleo on the Go

Living a paleo lifestyle doesn’t have to mean sacrificing convenience in today’s fast-paced world. From meal prepping like a pro to mastering grab-and-go snacks, this guide equips you with everything you need to stay paleo on the go, no matter your schedule.

Why Choose Paleo on the Go?

Maintaining a paleo diet while juggling a busy life can feel challenging. But here’s the good news: it’s doable! Embracing paleo on the go offers numerous benefits:

  • Health and Energy: Say goodbye to processed food crashes and hello to sustained energy from nutrient-rich paleo snacks and meals.
  • Convenience: With planning and preparation, you can have delicious, ready-to-eat options waiting for you, even on your busiest days.
  • Time-saving: Streamline your routine with batch cooking and smart snack choices to save precious minutes for other priorities.
  • Versatility: Adapt paleo principles to your unique needs and preferences, creating a sustainable and enjoyable approach to healthy eating on the go.

Conquering Your Busy Schedule with Paleo Strategies:

Paleo on the Go
Paleo on the Go

Planning is key.

  • Meal Prep Magic: Dedicate a day or a few hours to prepping ingredients, cooking meals in bulk, and portioning them into grab-and-go containers.
  • Stock Your Pantry: Keep a well-stocked pantry with paleo staples like nuts, seeds, dried fruits, canned fish, and pre-chopped vegetables.
  • Pack Smart Snacks: Opt for portable filling options like homemade trail mix, hard-boiled eggs, apple slices with almond butter, or vegetable sticks with guacamole.
  • Utilize Leftovers: Repurpose leftovers into creative new dishes like salads, stir-fries, or breakfast scrambles.

Paleo-Friendly On-the-Go Staples:

  • Hard-boiled eggs: a protein powerhouse that travels well and requires no refrigeration.
  • Nuts and seeds: Offer healthy fats, protein, and fiber for lasting energy.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are nature’s perfect snacks, packed with vitamins and fiber.
  • Jerky: Choose grass-fed, sugar-free varieties for a protein-rich option.
  • Coconut chips are a satisfying snack with healthy fats and a touch of sweetness.
  • Homemade energy bars: Craft your own using nuts, seeds, dates, and dried fruits for a customized, paleo-friendly treat.

Beyond Snacks: Portable Paleo Meals

  • Salads: Layer protein, vegetables, and a homemade paleo dressing in a mason jar for a refreshing and filling lunch.
  • Mason jar meals: Assemble cooked quinoa, grilled chicken, roasted vegetables, and a simple vinaigrette for a convenient, protein-packed lunch.
  • Soup Thermos: Fill a thermos with homemade paleo soup like chicken noodles or chili for a warm and satisfying meal on the go.
  • Leftover dinner portions: Divide dinner into individual containers for a quick and healthy lunch the next day.

Pro-Tips for Staying Paleo on the Go:

  • Invest in a good cooler bag. Keep perishable foods fresh during commutes or errands.
  • Utilize apps and resources: Utilize meal planning apps, paleo recipe websites, and online communities for inspiration and support.
  • Get creative with leftovers: Repurpose cooked meats and vegetables into new dishes to avoid food waste.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try new paleo recipes and snacks to keep things interesting and enjoyable.

Paleo on-the-go reviews

Before diving in, let’s acknowledge the elephant in the paleo room: convenience can come at a cost. Pre-packaged paleo options often carry hefty price tags and may contain hidden ingredients that don’t align with strict paleo principles. So, what’s the verdict?

  • Thumbs Up:
    • Epic Bars: These paleo-certified wonders boast clean ingredients, delicious flavors, and satisfying macros. Reviewers rave about their portability and ability to curb hunger pangs.
    • Paleo On-the-Go Meal Delivery: This service offers freshly prepared, paleo-compliant meals delivered straight to your door. Users praise the convenience, variety, and quality of the ingredients.
    • RXBAR: Made with simple, paleo-friendly ingredients like dates, nuts, and egg whites, these bars offer sustained energy and a satisfying crunch.
  • Mixed Bag:
    • Caveman Keto Snacks: While paleo-friendly and offering interesting flavors, some users find them pricier than homemade options.
    • PaleoPro Bars: Some reviewers love the flavor variety, while others find the texture a bit dry.
    • JERF Bars: Made with grass-fed beef and healthy fats, these bars pack a protein punch, but some find the taste and texture on the acquired side.

Paleo snacks on the go

Now, onto the portable fuel that keeps your paleo engine humming! Ditch the processed junk and embrace these delicious, paleo-approved snacks:

  • Homemade Trail Mix: Combine nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and dark chocolate chips for a customizable energy boost.
  • Guacamole with Veggie Sticks: This creamy, protein-packed dip pairs perfectly with crunchy carrots, cucumber, or bell pepper slices.
  • Hard-boiled eggs are a classic paleo staple, packed with protein and perfect for on-the-go snacking.
  • Apple Slices with Almond Butter: A satisfying combination of healthy fats and fiber, keeping you energized and full.
  • Coconut Chips: A naturally sweet and crunchy snack rich in healthy fats and fiber.
Paleo on the Go
Paleo on the Go

Paleo lunches on the go

Busy days demand satisfying and convenient lunches. Here are some paleo-friendly options to keep you fueled and focused:

  • Mason Jar Salads: Layer greens, protein (grilled chicken, tuna, and hard-boiled eggs), vegetables, and a homemade paleo dressing for a refreshing and portable lunch.
  • Leftover Dinner Makeover: Repurpose leftover dinner into delicious lunch creations like stir-fries, salads, or “Buddha bowls.”
  • Soup Thermos: Fill a thermos with homemade paleo soup for a warm and comforting lunch on the go. Chicken noodles, chili, or vegetable lentils are all great options.
  • Quinoa Bowls: Combine cooked quinoa with grilled chicken, roasted vegetables, and a simple vinaigrette for a protein-packed, fiber-rich lunch.
  • Veggie Wraps: Swap out the tortilla for lettuce leaves and fill with grilled chicken, avocado, hummus, and your favorite veggies for a satisfying and portable wrap

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some challenges to staying paleo on the go?

  • Time constraints: Finding time for meal preparation and grocery shopping can take time and effort.
  • Social situations: Navigating meals at restaurants or gatherings can present challenges.
  • Travel: Access to paleo-friendly options may be limited while traveling.

Q: How can I overcome these challenges?

  • Plan: Prepare meals and snacks in advance whenever possible.
  • Communicate your needs. Inform friends, family, and restaurants about your dietary restrictions.
  • Pack travel-friendly snacks: Have readily available paleo options on hand during travel.

Q: Are there any resources available to help me?

  • Paleo recipe websites: Mark’s Daily Apple, Paleo Leap, Nom Nom Paleo
  • Paleo cookbooks: The Paleo Kitchen, Well Fed Paleo, Practical Paleo
  • Paleo blogs and communities: Paleo for Beginners, The Paleo Mom, r/Paleo subreddit
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