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Droewors Beef Sticks - 2oz


Droewors is a handcrafted beef stick with a flavor unlike anything else on earth. This recipe starts with the finest cuts of beef that they grind together with only four natural spices. They then hand stuff the blend into a natural casing and hang the sausages to dry for over five days. Just like our ancestors, they use no artificial ingredients and only clean spices, which results in a taste-bud satisfying beef stick with a naturally explosive beef flavor. Find out for yourself why Droewors is the new standard for beef sticks. 

  • No Sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • Air-Dried
  • High Protein
  • Naturally Flavored
  • Paleo & Keto

Grass-Fed Beef, Vinegar, Sea Sale, Water, Coriander, Pepper, and Cloves. (In a sheep casing)


Pronounced: "Ah-Yohbah-Yoh": A term used to express amazement, excitement, and approval.


Droewors Beef Stick Reviews

"This is a meat snack that tastes like meat and subtle spices. It is delicious, it doesn't taste like it was doused and dried in supermarket barbecue sauce and sugar; I will definitely be buying more."

"You can call me a veteran droewors eater as I have been eating it all my life (66 years) growing up in SA. This droewors ranks up there with the best!!!"

"It's really hard to find a good quality beef stick that isn't too greasy and, well, doesn't look like a processed slim jim. Enter droewors. You can tell just by the look of it that it is all natural and not overly processed. The color is exactly what I would expect from a dried sausage and the casing is natural too! Plus, the taste is freaking delicious!"

*Reviews are from Ayoba-Yo's website*

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Type: Jerky

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