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Rewards Program

*Earn Bacon Points with Paleo By Maileo's Rewards Program!*

Here are all the ways to earn points:
Account Registrations
Register for the Rewards Program and automatically receive 200 Bacon Points. 
Accrue one point per every dollar spent. Bacon points can be can redeemed for either $5, $10 or $25 discounts towards your purchases. 
Refer a friend and get 200 Bacon Points for yourself. The friend you referred gets a 10% off coupon towards their first purchase! 
Social Shares
Share us on Facebook.
Social Followers
Follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page.
Bonus Points on Birthdays
Every year, we give you a present just for being born!


*Checking Your Bacon Points Balance*
Just click the green rewards tab on the right side or bottom of the screen to see your rewards balance.