About Us

At Paleo By Maileo, we want you to understand that we know you. We understand your Paleo struggles, we've been there too.

About five years ago, we started our journey on the path of Paleo enlightenment. We were suffering from bad skin, indigestion problems, and weight issues. Once we were completely fed up with our bodies, we did a ton of research and stumbled upon the Paleo lifestyle. We wanted to treat our bodies like the biological machines that they are, and feed them with only the best. 

It was fun and exciting at first but once the novelty wore off and the meal repetition set in, we noticed something was missing. We were hungry, unmotivated with our meal ideas, and we craved paleo snacks that "didn't exist". And so the search began. Grocery stores were explored, websites were googled and every label was read, till finally it started to make sense. We began to find yummy products that balanced out our day. Our creativity returned, and it all came together. 

Then we became Paleo guru's to our friends. They also saw how hard it was, and couldn't understand how we had survived thus far. That's when we showed them the list of Paleo goodies we'd compiled over the years. And you know what? We wanted to share that list with you! Paleo By Maileo, is here to help! 

Our lives and our bodies have changed by switching to a Paleo lifestyle, and so can yours. We have been looking for the best ingredients and companies so you can enjoy it all too. That's why we created this site. To bring you the best of the best in the Paleo world and to give you that spark to continue staying healthy and feeding your inner machine.

Since 2016, we've been on a serious mission to provide you with products that will to help you eat better, lose weight (hopefully), and stay away from autoimmune/digestive triggers. 

Our Promise: We've already read the labels - so you don't have to. All of the products on this site will be free of grains, dairy, additives and refined sugars.


Happy Eating!

- Summer and Aleksey
(Partners in Business & Life)

Paleo By Maileo Owners