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Malabar Black Pepper Pork Clouds - 0.7oz

Bacon's Heir

Pork Clouds are wonderfully fluffy crisps made from salt cured pork skin: so fluffy that we cannot reasonably call them pork rinds and had to change the name. They are the ideal accoutrement to a craft beer, a sandwich, or even as croutons in a salad - adding flavor and crunch without all the carbs.

These Malabar Black Pepper pork clouds are covered in poignantly peppery spice, that reminds one of pepper crusted bacon.

No Carbs. No Sugar. No Trans Fats. No Gluten. The perfect keto snack!

Pork Clouds - Bacon's Heir | Paleo By Maileo

Pork Skins, Olive Oil, Black Pepper, Salt

Even though Pork Cloud ingredients are gluten free - their facility is NOT yet gluten free certified.


How Pork Rinds Are Made!  

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