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Venison Jerky Snack Sticks - 1oz

Chomps Snack Sticks

Satisfy your hunger with the sweet and spicy goodness of Chomps’ newest flavor: Venison. Chomps Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt Venison Sticks are thoughtfully crafted with a lean blend of 100% grass-fed venison and 100% grass-fed beef. The result is an amazing wild game protein snack without the gamey taste or texture that the whole family can enjoy!

Venison Chomps Snack Sticks are made from 100% grass-fed beef and 100% grass-fed venison. They’re loaded with 9 grams of protein, and have absolutely zero traces of gluten or any added sugars. Like the rest of Chomp's products, they contain no artificial nitrates or nitrites, no antibiotics, and no synthetics. What more could you ask for out of a healthy and nutritious beef jerky snack?

All Chomps Snack Sticks are Whole30 approved and certified by the American GrassFed Association. The non-GMO beef is sourced from New Zealand, where healthy cows are grazed on live vegetation all year long, and never sent to feedlots.


100% Grass-Fed Venison, 100% Grass-Fed Beef, Water, Sea Salt, Lactic Acid, Celery Juice, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Garlic Powder, Coriander, Stuffed in a Collagen Casing

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