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Pork Panko - 3oz

Bacon's Heir

A meaty and fantastic breadcrumb replacement, Pork Dust is made out of ground pork rinds. Pork Dust is seasoned only with salt - a blank slate for your cooking ideas. The sky is the limit with this dust, you can make chicken nuggets, Scottish eggs, and much more!

Flaky, crispy, panko bread crumbs made exclusively from finely ground pork rinds. Acts a replacement for panko breadcrumbs in any recipe. Substitute directly for panko bread crumbs in any recipe - each bag contains 1½ cups. 

No Carbs. No Sugar. No Trans Fats. No Gluten. AIP friendly and the perfect keto item!


Pork Skins, Salt

Even though Pork Cloud ingredients are gluten free - their facility is NOT yet gluten free certified.


How Pork Rinds Are Made!  

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