Washington Raw Wildflower Honey - 22oz

Pure Eastern Washington State honey. Our honey bees are located in a beautiful urban neighborhood, with a huge variety of flowers and trees in Spokane, WA. As beekeepers, we do not treat our garden with any pesticides or inorganic fertilizers, nor we do not treat our bees with any chemicals.  

Urban Nectar honey is heavy and extremely thick, with a low water content. Washington bees make some of the most concentrated honey on the market! In addition to being super thick, our honey is sweet and fragrant, with many floral and berry notes.



  • Raw & Unpasteurized - no high heat or chemicals used during extraction. 
  • Comes in glass mason jars - no plastic here!
  • Non-chemically treated, happy bees.
  • Pure & Unfiltered with traces of beneficial pollen - great for allergy prevention!

Have a question about our bees or our honey? Leave us a message or email us at: info@paleobymaileo.com

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