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Caramel & Sea Salt Coconut Butter Cups (Organic) - 2/pack


As an optional extra for the hot summer months, we offer an insulated pouch to give your chocolate the best chance from melting during shipment to hot climates!

To take advantage of this service, add an Insulated Shipping Packet to your shopping cart. This can be found HERE.

eatingEVOLVED has combined the cleanest caramel with their famous Coconut Butter Cups to create a truly magical chocolate experience. With only five simple ingredients, you’ll be left wondering how so much delicious taste could be packed into one cup! 

  • Made with gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free ingredients.

  • Made on equipment that is gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free.

  • All chocolates are vegan and contain no animal products.

  • Simple organic ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce.

2 Butter Cups per pouch - 1.5oz

Organic Coconut, Organic Cacao*, Organic Cacao Butter*, Organic Coconut Sugar, Himalayan Sea Salt

*Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM 36% Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTMIngredients



Caramel Sea Salt Butter Cup Reviews 


"What a great combination! These are my husbands favorite ones. I also love them. They are the perfect mix of sweet and salty!! I love how simple the ingredients are on all there products. 5 stars, all the way!!"


"Love these butter cups so much. I am into Health and fitness and this Carmel sea salt is one of my favorites out of the four flavors. I'm not a huge carmel fan but that's what I love about eatingEVOLVED.. its settle and not over powering the chocolate. Not many chocolates out there have such clean ingredients here in the U.S and aren't crazy expensive. I live for these to give me a pick me up when I'm in need of something sweet or chocolatey."


"These are, by far, my favorite cups of all the eatingEVOLVED coconut butter cups. I am not normally fond of any kind of candy/food with caramel, but these cups have such a subtle caramel flavor, it balances perfectly with the dark chocolate!"

*Reviews are from eatingEVOLVED's website*

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