15 Awesome Summer Paleo Recipes For Paleo Lovers

When it starts to get warmer, a lot of us enjoy eating lighter and fresher foods. It is also a great time to have BBQs and social gatherings to enjoy the weather.

Even if you are following a paleo diet, there are still a lot of tasty and natural dishes that you create during the summer.

15 Awesome Summer Paleo Recipes For Paleo Lovers

We have collected 15 awesome summer paleo recipes that all paleo lovers are going to enjoy.

1. Chilled Avocado Gazpacho With Melon

The attractiveness of hot soup decreases as the temperature rises. Thankfully, you can prepare this creamy, chilled melon avocado gazpacho to help you cool off in the summer.

This dish is a modernized version of the classic gazpacho. With this recipe, it uses an incredibly cooling blend of cantaloupe and avocado that is only mildly sweet.

A drizzle of olive oil completes this delectable dish, and herbs like mint and basil add yet more layers of flavor. Additionally, almond milk also adds richness to the soup. This vegan soup is ideal as a light meal or barbecue appetizer to enjoy fresh summer produce.

2. Teriyaki Chicken And Pineapple Kebabs

These kebabs may be prepared in advance by chopping all the vegetables and pineapple and preparing the marinade. Then you can simply grill them whenever you are ready for them. They even make a great weeknight dinner.

This is because they’re straightforward and look wonderful stacked high on a tray on the patio table and served with crisp salads and veggie sides. 

This recipe will become one of your go-to dishes for entertaining. Simple vegetables taste so much better after being marinated. Yet, you can adjust the marinade to suit your preferences.

3. Cherry Fudge Swirl Ice Cream

With coconut milk and unrefined maple sugar, this cherry fudge swirl ice cream is not only healthy but paleo, and vegan. Every bite is loaded with fresh cherries that have been diced and is rich and creamy with a swirl of heavenly chocolate fudge. 

Desserts are a summer staple, and everyone enjoys a nice ice cream to cool themselves down. Cherries and chocolate go together like peaches and cream. They just work perfectly together. This handmade ice cream is so delicious that everyone will want to sample it.

4. Grilled Taco Burgers

Why not serve your loved ones, friends, and neighbors some of these paleo taco burgers? These burgers take 20 minutes to prepare and only require a handful of ingredients.

You might modify this recipe to include other flavors that you like in your burgers, such as different seasonings. Everyone will adore the flavor of these burgers at a cookout.

5. Peach, Avocado, And Blackberry Salad

You can always count on Peach, Avocado, and Blackberry Salad to elevate your summer side dishes! Topped with a wonderful lime and honey vinaigrette. This side dish is bursting with delicious tastes and textures. 

When you want something colder for lunch or dinner, this salad goes well with whatever comes off the grill or eaten by itself. With its crunchy greens and luscious fruits, this salad shouts summer.

6. Instant Pot Baby Back Ribs

Love the flavor of BBQ baby back ribs, but not the lengthy cooking time? When time is short, it’s simple to savor tender baby back ribs with this Instant Pot recipe that takes less than an hour from start to finish.

Simple seasonings like paprika, onion powder, honey etc. are used on these ribs. 

You can quickly prepare delicious and plentiful baby back ribs for any summer party or event in just an hour. No one will know that you haven’t spent hours over the grill tending to these ribs. 

7. Caribbean Baked Salmon Plantain Noodle Bowls

This is a tropical, paleo dish featuring plantain noodles, pineapple, spicy roasted cauliflower, sweet baked salmon, and coconut avocado sauce. With this dish, there are numerous textures at play, but they all seamlessly complement one another.

Along with a sweet and sour sauce that binds everything together. 

This recipe just takes 30 minutes to prepare and has all the ingredients you could want for a summer meal.

8. Paleo Italian Pasta Salad

Using zucchini noodles, the traditional Italian pasta salad is given a low-carb twist! It has lots of fresh herbs, Italian flavors, and a delectable dressing. Everyone will gobble up this amazing lunch, supper, or side dish. 

This Italian Pasta Salad with Zucchini Noodles only takes ten minutes to prepare. Thus, you will have this light and fresh salad ready to be enjoyed in no time at all.

9. Skillet Cherry Crisp 

Your spoon will be begging you for more of this delicious grain-free crumble topping over the Paleo Cherry Crisp. All year long, this is a sweet and tasty gluten-free and vegan dessert, which tastes especially good in the summer evenings.

The cherries are given a little additional sweetness by using maple syrup. While a faint cinnamon flavor enhances the rich flavor without overpowering it. 

Cherries, however, are the highlight of this crisp. The crunchy crumble topping is delicious and ridiculously easy to create as well.

10. Peach Pie Crumb Bars

All the flavor of the traditional pie is present in these Paleo Peach Pie Crumb Bars, but they are far simpler to make. These bars are delicious and simple to make, with a straightforward shortbread made using coconut and almond flour and maple syrup as the sweetener.

A peach pie layer is then placed on top of that layer. 

The delicate peaches have a mild cinnamon sweetness to them. After that, your peaches are then covered with a pecan-topped crumb topping for a satisfying crunch.

This recipe helps you to make simple peach pie inspired bars that have all the same flavors, but take less time to create. 

11. No-Bake Lemon Strawberry Cheesecake 

A thick, creamy lemon layer and a sweet, creamy strawberry layer are on top of the chewy, naturally sweet crust of this no-bake cheesecake. The cashew base of the cheesecake layers is quickly combined in a blender. Then the layers just need to be chilled, so they can set. 

Thanks to the smoothness of the cashews and how simple it is to create, no one would guess that this cheesecake is paleo-friendly.

12. Pecan Crusted Honey Mustard Salmon

For a busy evening or a special event, this dish is ideal to prepare. On the grill or in the oven, it only takes 15 minutes to cook. You’ll adore the straightforward honey mustard sauce and crunchy pecans, which add flavor and nutrition. 

By holding in steam while cooking, the foil aids in producing a wonderfully flaky salmon. Additionally, it helps keep the pecan honey mustard sauce together.

13. Tuna Salad Stuffed Avocados

This nutritious tuna salad is presented in a stuffed avocado and has a Mediterranean flavor. With only 6 ingredients, it is a quick, gluten-free, and low-carb dinner without mayo.

The flavor combination is really scrumptious. Fresh, herbaceous pesto is mixed with flaky pieces of tuna, chewy sun-dried tomatoes, crunchy pine nuts, and salty, sour olives. The combination is then crammed into a creamy avocado. For this fresh recipe, no cooking is required at all.

14. Slow Cooker Lemon Basil Ratatouille

For a nutritious ratatouille that can be made during the week, just toss your preferred fresh garden veggies in your slow cooker or Instant Pot. Then top with an incredibly simple lemon basil sauce!

You will have scrumptious vegetables on the table after just 10 minutes of preparation.

Lemon Basil Ratatouille is stunning and extremely flavorful thanks to using the best of summer vegetables. The tomatoes softened, and the veggies wonderfully tenderized to create a delightful sauce alongside the lemon, garlic, and basil.

Overall, this is a really fresh and healthy dish!

15. Harissa Potato Salad

Two different kinds of potatoes, broccoli, and eggplant that have been expertly roasted are served with a smoky, hot harissa sauce. A harissa potato salad will take your ordinary side dish for supper to a whole new level. 

Red and green peppers, olive oil, garlic, cumin, coriander, and other spices are combined to create harissa. It has a sauce-like consistency, just not as thick as, say, ketchup or curry paste.

Additionally, harissa doesn’t have to be really hot. You can decide how hot you want this salad to be. Yet, it will turn your ordinary potato salad into something special for any social gathering.


Summer means a lot of fresh fruit, cookouts and good food. Even when following a paleo diet, you have a lot of delicious dishes out there to help you really appreciate summer food.

We have shown you 15 awesome and tasty summer paleo recipes that we think you should be adding to your choice of summer meals. 

We hope you have discovered at least one new recipe to try yourself this summer!

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