15 Awesome Paleo Lunch Recipes For Paleo Lovers

At times, following a diet can be quite boring. We often fall into the trap of believing that dieting has to be restrictive. More often than not, this leads to us eating the same plain, boring foods every day, just to make sure we don’t break our diet. 

15 Awesome Paleo Lunch Recipes For Paleo Lovers

In reality, the truth is very different, especially when it comes to the paleo diet. Instead of eating the same old boring lunches, we have a plethora of exciting and delicious recipes to choose from. 

In fact, the options are virtually endless. This leaves you with no excuse but to try new recipes. Today, we want to help you discover just some of the awesome paleo lunch recipes we have to choose from.

To do so, we’ve put together a list of the very best. In this post, we’ll show you each one. 

Stick around if you want to try something new!

1. Paleo Meatballs With Zoodles

If you love meal prepping your lunches, this first recipe could be perfect for you. Freezable, quick, and easy to make, this recipe is full of flavor yet incredibly healthy. It contains a variety of different veggies, ground beef mince, zucchini noodles, and fresh tomatoes.

Combined, these ingredients help create a meaty, sweet, and savory dish that is further enhanced with the addition of herbs and spices. If you like your food hot, you could even add some chili flakes to your meatballs.

2. Spicy Thai Chicken Zoodle Salad

Another lunch recipe that makes full use of zoodles is this spicy Thai chicken salad recipe (see also ‘15 Awesome Paleo Ground Chicken Recipes For Paleo Lovers‘). Perfect for anyone that loves Asian cuisine, this recipe is healthy, fresh, fragrant, and packed with interesting flavors.

The beauty of zucchini noodles is that they are much more nutritious and healthy than traditional noodles. This will help you stick to your diet without compromising flavor and texture. 

3. Chinese Chicken Salad

Let’s be honest, salads aren’t usually the most exciting lunches, especially after a busy morning in the office. Luckily for us, this Chinese chicken salad recipe from Up and Alive changes things. 

Instead of eating the same old boring salads, we can now enjoy a filling, vibrant salad loaded with tasty ingredients and flavors.

Loaded with veggies like carrots and scallions, this salad is full of nutritious ingredients, whilst other ingredients like mint give the salad a more impressive flavor. This is a great light lunch option that will keep you feeling full.

4. Paleo Chili

If you have enough time on your hands, we strongly recommend making this paleo chili for your lunch. Ready in under an hour, this lunch is perfect for a cold winter day.

It perfectly combines savory, meaty, and spicy flavors and comes complete with a hearty chicken broth. 

To enhance the overall taste of the dish, make sure you use cumin, chili powder, oregano, smoked paprika, and salt. This will unleash the chili’s full potential. 

5. Chicken Fajita Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Up next, we have this delicious chicken fajita cauliflower rice bowl recipe. Mexican food is notorious for being full of spicy, sweet, and tangy flavors so expect something special from this bowl of goodness.

Packed with nutritious ingredients such as chicken, peppers, and avocado this dish takes less than an hour to make. It takes even less time to wolf down.

What we love most about this dish is the inclusion of lime juice. The tart flavor of the juice works well with the savory flavors of the chicken and spicy chili powder.

6. Paleo Italian Sub Roll

Just because you’re following a paleo diet doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a sandwich-style lunch. All you have to do is get rid of the bread. Whilst most healthy recipes do this by replacing it with lettuce, this recipe improves the sandwich by using meat instead.

Aside from giving the sandwich a more hearty feeling, using meat instead of lettuce makes much more sense. For starters, it will fill you up more, and secondly, the meat doesn’t break as easily as the lettuce does.

The meat used instead of bread in this veggie-loaded sandwich is honey ham, salami, and capicola ham.

7. Cuban Brisket Taco Salad Bowl

Simple, fresh, flavorful, light, and very easy to make, this is one of the best paleo lunches you can make if you’re in a rush. 

Simply throw all the ingredients in a bowl with your brisket, add some lime zest and juice,  throw in some ground ginger and cinnamon, pour yourself and drink, and off you go. If you want to make the bowl more exciting, add in some hot sauce too. 

8. Southwest Paleo Chicken And Fries

If you’d prefer something with a more comforting taste, give this Southwest paleo chicken and fries recipe a try. 

When we think of chicken and fries, we don’t picture a healthy dish. However, by making the dish with sweet potato fries and baked chicken, things become a lot more paleo-friendly.

Throw a heap load of veggies into the mix and things become a lot more nutritious too. 

For us, it’s the way the chicken is so wonderfully seasoned that makes this dish so good. Onion powder, salt, paprika, and garlic are just a handful of the ingredients used.

9. Stuffed Bell Peppers

If you really want to keep things healthy and nutritious, this stuffed bell peppers recipe from Paleo Newbie is a solid choice. 

This particular recipe calls for bell peppers, beef, pork sausage, onion, roasted tomatoes, tomato sauce, white rice, garlic, Italian seasoning, chili flakes, salt, pepper, and cilantro leaves.

Whilst these ingredients create a wonderful dish, one of the best things about this recipe is that you can easily switch ingredients out for other foods you prefer.

10. BLT Burger

This BLT burger lets us enjoy all the best bits a burger has to offer without filling us with carbs. Instead of the burger bun, this burger filling is surrounded by two bacon weaves.

This not only makes it easier to eat the burger but also gives us our daily fix of delicious salty bacon. 

Ready in just 35 minutes this juicy burger also contains ground beef, black pepper, salt, mayonnaise, lemon juice, chives, lettuce, and tomatoes.

11. Cheesy Broccoli Soup

This 40 Aprons recipe is a great lunch during the cold winter months. Rich, creamy, smooth, and extremely comforting, you’ll be surprised to hear that this soup is 100% vegan, dairy-free, and whole30. 

Despite having a super cheesy texture and taste, this soup contains no cheese at all. Instead, the recipe uses raw cashews and vegetable stock to recreate the same flavors and texture.

12. Pork And Napa Cabbage Soup

Another fantastic paleo soup you can make is this Pork and Naba Cabbage soup (see also ‘15 Awesome Paleo Cabbage Recipes You Have To Try‘). Comfort in a bowl, this one-pot soup recipe is umami-packed and ready to eat in just 30 minutes. 

It does require more ingredients than the recipe above but the extra ingredients do make a difference. The array of different herbs and spices as well as the fresh vegetables give the soup more flavor, better texture, and a filling feel.

You won’t need any other food for a while after this. 

13. Chipotle Chicken Fajita Bowl

This chipotle chicken fajita bowl recipe is our favorite paleo lunch meal prep idea. Made in no time at all, it is full of your favorite vegetables, tender chicken, and powerful herbs and spices.

Low in carbs, this dish also suits those following a keto diet (see also ‘15 Awesome Keto Paleo Recipes For Paleo Lovers‘). We love how the savory flavors of the chicken and the sweetness of the peppers combine with the tanginess of the lemon wedges. Be sure to squeeze the lemon all over the dish.

14. Vegetable And Egg Muffins

The penultimate recipe on this list is a fabulous paleo lunch recipe that doubles up as a great protein booster after intense workouts. These miniature baked egg and vegetable muffins are less than 100 calories each despite being jam-packed with protein. 

Inside each muffin, you’ll find egg, carrot, bell pepper, corn, peas, salt, pepper, and shredded mozzarella cheese.

15. Chopped Greek Chickpea Salad

The final recipe we have for you is a chopped Greek chickpea salad recipe. This is easily one of, if not the healthiest recipes on our list. Bringing Mediterranean flair to any drab day, this salad is full of vibrant veggies and a plant-based protein. 

All thrown together in less than 20 minutes, this salad is loaded with vitamins, nutrients, and bursts of exciting, sweet, tangy, and zesty flavors. The savory flavors of the chickpeas also go some way to mimic the texture of meat.

Overall, this is a delicious, quick dish that will make you smile.

Final Thoughts

That concludes this post looking at 15 awesome paleo lunch recipes. We’re sure you’ve already started falling in love with some of the tasty recipes we’ve looked at.

Our list goes to show that following a paleo diet doesn’t have to be boring. The recipes we’ve looked at are versatile, full of flavor, exciting, filling, and more importantly healthy.

Now you know more about the potential lunches you could be making, it’s time to start planning your next week of lunches. Why not try a different recipe from this list every day to see what you think? We know you won’t be disappointed.

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