15 Delicious Paleo Meal Delivery Kits And Subscriptions For You To Try

If you have never heard of the paleo diet, then here are some of the basics: the emphasis here is on the hunter-gatherer diet, eating as they did in the stone age. The emphasis of this diet is meat, vegetables and nuts. No dairy, no artificial preservatives.

15 Delicious Paleo Meal Delivery Kits And Subscriptions For You To Try

This diet is meant to be one of the best for managing your weight and controlling things like your blood sugar levels. If you are struggling with various health issues, this is also a reason why people try paleo. But it does require a bit of meal prep, and what if you don’t have time?

Well, this is why signing up for a paleo meal delivery service will really help you. You can get these meals right to your door for a pretty decent price. So why not take a look at our top 15 paleo meal subscription kits?

15 Best Paleo Meal Delivery Kits

1. Sunbasket

First up, we have a great delivery service that offers plenty of paleo options that you can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can choose up to 4 recipes per week with a choice of 2 – 4 servings.

This comes with some great paleo options such as grilled chicken breast with lemon sauce or Greek meatballs with a cucumber salad. This is great for getting your protein levels up as well as plenty of nutrients.

2. Trifecta Nutrition

Next up, we have a meal delivery service that you can be sure will give you everything you need to kickstart your paleo diet for just under $15. This comes with plenty of tasty meal options including curried kale, chicken tenders and cilantro almond vegetables.

If you enter your food allergies, you should be able to select what exactly you want from each dish. You cannot pick your meals specifically, but if you have a good appetite, you’ll definitely find something that will sate your appetite.

3. The Good Kitchen

Next up, we have a restaurant menu that comes with plenty of options for people who are gluten-free as well as dairy intolerant. The meat they source is also very healthy, coming from 100% grass-fed cattle.

You get the choice of poultry, pork, lamb and turkey, which is great if you are looking for good-quality sources of protein. This company has thought of everything, even down to the packaging, which is fully recyclable.

4. Factor

If you like mushroom marsala, chicken and cauliflower rice or pork tenderloin, then this is the website that you’ll want to go to. This website offers a whole range of food types, from vegetarian (see also ‘15 Awesome Paleo Vegetarian Recipes To Try Today‘) to keto to paleo. If you are trying out a new diet, this website is great for you.

This might have a slightly higher price tag, but it does offer you free shipping. This website even specializes in paleo burgers, which are very tasty and also extremely nutritious and rich in protein.

5. Snap Kitchen

If you would rather get high-quality meals that are sourced from organic places, then you’ll want to try Snap Kitchen. This place is simply amazing if you are looking for high-quality ingredients for very little money.

Some of the paleo dishes they have on offer are turkey meatloaf, pork green chile and chicken piccata. These meals are cooked to the very highest standard, which is great if you are looking for a dish that might taste the same as something from a high-class restaurant.

6. Green Chef

This next paleo delivery service is great if you want to supply food for the whole family, offering you up to 6 servings per meal. This meal kit includes everything from Mojito chicken, Thai pork and pecan-encrusted trout.

This place also uses recyclable plastic to package its meals, which is great if you are worried about the carbon emissions produced when making these prepackaged meals. Even though this is a slightly pricey option, you can select your own specific meal plans.

7. Paleo On The Go

If you want a company that is dedicated 100% to providing you with the highest-quality paleo ingredients, then it’s this one. This comes with a wide variety of baked ingredients, as well as delicious soups and broths.

You have plenty of options with this one, including a meal bundle that will allow you to pick and choose what you exactly want to go in your meal. These meals are delivered in a frozen package, which means you’ll be able to keep them in your fridge for longer.

8. Eatology

This next paleo delivery service offers you a few plans that will be very cost-effective for your needs. If you have a large family feeding or it is just you, then you can pick the subscription that serves you the best.

If you want to prepare a healthy meal for you and your family before you leave the house but you don’t have time, then let Eatology do the work for you. One of the best options on this menu is a scrambled avocado chicken breakfast.

9. Pete’s Real Food

If you are looking for a solid meal that has been premade, then this is a great option for you and your family. This includes chicken meatballs with cauliflower mash and sweet potato fries, which is a great source of healthy fiber and animal protein.

This is a high-quality material, both in terms of the food that is used and the packaging that it comes in. You can recycle this one very easily, which means that your household waste will be a lot lower.

10. Caveman Chefs

Now we have a company that offers you a lot of options when it comes to having the right meal for your allergies. Whether you are dairy, gluten or nut intolerant, these guys will make sure that the meal that reaches your plate will not cause any adverse reactions.

You can choose from over 100 meal plans with Fresh N Lean, with a meal that is reasonably price for what you get in the box. You can be assured that these meals will be prepped with only the best ingredients and quality checked by quality assurance guidance officers.

11. Home Chef

This next delivery meal system gives you only the very freshest ingredients, with plenty of paleo options available. You can also build your own basket, which is ideal if you are looking to avoid certain foods due to allergies.

You can choose from warm-up dinners, which are purposefully designed to be very low-calorie or entire meals that you can have piping hot within 30 minutes. This has a very low starting price point too.

12. Hellofresh

This company delivers fresh, farm-sourced ingredients straight to your door. This company has gained a sizable reputation for delivering only some of the best ingredients at a super-quick time.

This comes with a delicious range of food options, from roasted zucchini to flatbread medleys. You can also pick from calorie-smart options or pescatarian if you want to up your protein count.

13. EveryPlate

Next up, we have a company that offers a very diverse range of meal options, including fresh paleo options that you can be sure will tick all the boxes in terms of flavor and nutrition. You can get these meals pre-portioned, which is great if you are counting calories.

This comes with a very low starting price point, which is great for those families that are on a budget. You can choose from a range of luxury options including bourbon steak, roasted sweet potato with apple and sweet chili pork tacos.

14. Blue Apron

If you are stuck trying to find the right recipes to conform to your new paleo diet, then why not take the stress out of starting and get some ideas from Blue Apron? This company is known for delivering only the very best quality of service.

If you are looking to trim down, increase your protein levels or simply get more nutrients, then Blue Apron will certainly help you on your way. You can get great vegetarian and WW-approved meals too.

15. Dinnerly

Finally, we have a great dinner for anyone who is looking to stick to a certain nutrient count when they are eating their midday meal. Dinnerly has plenty of green and protein options, which is great if you are trying to feel fuller and avoid the dreaded snacking time.

This comes at a pretty reasonable price, although it is not the cheapest option that we have on this list. If you want meals for more than one person, then this is also another great company to choose from.

The great thing about Dinnerly is also the fact that they do kid-friendly options. In these boxes will be a wide range of ingredients that will be both healthy and very tasty for your child.


We hope that our list of the best paleo delivery options has given you a better idea of what is available to you. 

One of the best things about going with one of these meal delivery options is that you can customize your dishes, editing out some of the foods you might not like or are allergic to.

Jenna Lane